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JB Automotive Upholstery:

The JB Automotive Upholstery has been delivering great results in manufacturing the  all varieties of Car seat covers, Floor mats, Wooden boxes and Planks since we opened in 2008.

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. We create car seat covers to fit your vehicle perfectly, that’s the beauty of getting tailor made seat covers that are crafted particularly for your seats, not just a universal cover that tries to cater as one size fits all. JB offers an extensive range of materials specially selected to maximize your driving enjoyment. Over time, your car seats can take a beating. Between spills, road trip calamities and day-to-day wear and tear, your seats are subjected to a host of challenges to look and feel as fresh as the day you purchased your car, generally kids and pets can turn your car seats really dirty and can make your car’s interior appear and feel years older than it is. Constant cleaning is exhausting, regular detailing is expensive and for most of us, getting a new car every year just isn’t possible.

JB covers will give the look and life of your seats with custom car seat covers.

While many types vehicle seats are called by the same names, not all seats are created equal. Exact dimensions differ between vehicle manufacturers, making one seat very much unlike another. The driver’s seat or bench seat on one make of car, for example, likely will have drastically different sizing than another’s. If you want your seat cover to stay in place and actually protect the upholstery, a one-size-fits-all cover won’t cut it.

And it’s not just about appearances. Sure, custom car seat covers undoubtedly look better, since they fit perfectly over your seat, but they are also superior from a practical standpoint. Their ideal fit prevents slipping, which could cause unwanted wear and tear. Custom covers also allow you to select a material that reflects your lifestyle. From the contemporary look of lush velour or sleek leather that wears well with those who want to literally ride in luxury and style, to the tough as nails nature of canvas seat covers or family-ready jacquard that’s perfect for people who want to spare their seats their dose of daily dirt, to breathable mesh and water-resistance neoprene seat covers, both popular among people who prioritize activity and adventure. There’s a material for every preference and possibility.

JB using fabrics are top-quality, and all our designs are founded in equal measures of functionality and style, so you never have to compromise.

We have over 10 years experience protecting your seats so you can prolong the life of your car. Made for Australian cars, we have designed car seat covers to fit over 4,000 distinct seats. In fact, our extensive library of patterns goes back to 2008, so our custom creations can accommodate many models, makes and years. Our dexterous craftspeople also account for all specifications when creating your covers, ranging from considerations for arm rests, split rears, seat belt holes and boot access.

Whether you want to keep newer car seats pristine or improve an older cars interior that is a bit on the tired side, custom car covers are a stylish and affordable way to protect your vehicle’s upholstery and help retain more of it’s worth. Get your customer car seat covers today.




If our covers do not fit the seats of your selected vehicle we will give you your money back.




Our custom covers won’t stretch out of shape and become baggy, our stretch fabrics are 300% thicker than the industry standard which means our covers fit snug and stay snug.



Our covers will be delivered anywhere in India within 7 days of receiving your order.